Nomination for 2024 Awards is open until September 27th, 2024. Judging will be based on achievements in recent one or two years, for the exception of Lifetime Achievement Award category.

Common Questions

Who can nominate?

Any professionals who are currently working for or affiliated with an industry firm, including pension funds and institutional investors, investment firms, consulting firms, research firms, can nominate.

How many individuals and/categories can you nominate?

Any professionals can submit up to 2 nominations per category, and up to 5 nominations in total. This will enable the awards to be selected from a diversified pool of nominations.

Who can be nominated?

Any individuals or organizations that fit with the award category description. For “pension funds and institutional investors” categories, nominations are limited to those organizations in Canada (although the individuals and teams don’t have to be based in Canada). For “Investment firm” categories, nominations are limited to those that operate in Canada or have Canadian presence.

What happens after you nominate?

After you have submitted nomination(s), Institutional Connect will compile nominations and submit for award judge committee to select finalists and winners. Winners of all categories will be announced at the Awards Ceremony on the evening of November 21.

If my firm sponsors the Awards Ceremony as well as submits nominations, will our nomination be considered as a priority?

No. Judging process is entirely based on materials submitted for the nominations. Sponsorship will have no impact on the result of the awards.

Should you wish to contact us for any questions before or after nomination, please send a message to:
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